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The colon rectal cancer is many a times referred to as the colorectal cancer or either the large bowel cancer. It is mainly ascribed to the retard growth of the cancerous cells in the colon or the rectum and is the third most common sub category of this particular disease that claims the second highest number of fatalities in the West.

A frequent cause is believed to be the presence of the adenomatous polyps in the rectum or the colon. Although largely benign; it displays a strong risk of development into cancer over the passage of time, with multiplication in risks with an increase in age. Patients who have a family account of a disease of this genre are more exposed to this menace.

Based on extensive research its symptoms can be classified into two chief categories namely , the constitutional symptoms and the metastatic symptoms. albeit the commencement of this disease is accompanied by vague symptoms such as weight loss and exhaustion; which might not develop fully until the cancer has progressed into its later stages. Nevertheless other symptoms involve change in bowel activities and the appearance of the stool that is accompanied not only by rectal bleeding and abdominal and bowel pain. The later stages might reveal a smelly discharge.

If this genre of cancer is feared a pathologist should be consulted at the earliest for timely diagnosis and medical treatment. Post diagnosis, respective treatment is metted out to the patient, which may range from surgery and chemotherapy to radiotherapy. Corresponding blood tests and rectal examinations follow. Since this disease might take several years for development a timely detection increases the opportunities for cure. In spite of this once diagnosed and treated the chances of a relapse are greater amongst individuals once given treatment.

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